Cold Finished Steel Bars manufactured by Kansai Metal Industry Co.,Ltd. (Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Heat Resistance Steel, Titanium, Monel and others.)



Policy for Quality and Environment
Kansai Metal Industry Co., Ltd. contributes to society through its manufacture of cold finished steel and stainless steel bars, while also working in harmony with our beautiful green planet through continuous improvements to the aspects of our work which have an impact on the environment. This makes us a company which continues to be trusted by local residents, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

1)As customer first policy, we carry out our business activities in a way that ensures our quality always meets customer needs.

2) We establish quality goals and environmental goals, execute actions toward these goals, and implement specific quality and environmental policies in anticipation of the achievement of these goals.

3)We comply with relevant legislation and the requirements we have agreed to, contributing to society through our manufacture of cold finished steel and stainless steel bars.

4)We continuously improve our Quality and Environment management system to elevate quality, prevent contamination, and protect the environment.
Sept. 21,2019
Representative director Asa Toyokawa