Cold Finished Steel Bars manufactured by Kansai Metal Industry Co.,Ltd. (Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Heat Resistance Steel, Titanium, Monel and others.)


Corporate Profile/Messages

We will deliver a high-quality steel bar answering needs in the age by great fund of experience and a certain tecnology

 Our company piles the rich experiences and certain technologies after the establishment in 1932, and has delivered the high quality steel bar. The high appraisal is gotten in not only the user but also the industry, and the product of our company has pride as the wide contribution to the development of the industrial world.


  The international standard ISO9002 of the quality assurance is acquired in 1999, and ISO14001 is acquired in 2003. And we try for an environment friendly corporate-making at the same time as advancing the product-making that users can be satisfied further. The increase, complication, and the diversification of needs are advanced more and more on the coming 21st century.
 As the slogan to "Aim at the improvement of customer satisfaction measurement", we aims at the product-making with high reliability that provides with global competitiveness not to mention meeting to needs.


 The metallic parts used in the wide field from familiar product such as household electrical appliance, personal computer, IT relation, automobile to the industrial machine and aerospace. The steel bar is contributing to the labor saving, lightening, and the reduction in cost in making these parts. 

President Asa Toyakawa


Asa Toyakawa